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Choreographed by Paul Ibey
Performed by Paul Ibey and Anton Pasquarella
Costumes and setting by Zag Dorison
Music by CMI

From embryo to fish
fish to man
Unfolding on the shores for a million years.
The sea, like the mother’s womb,the sea calls us

The coelacanth is considered to be a living fossil, thought to have been extinct since the end of the cretaceous period over 65 million years ago. Fossils of the fish have been found that date back over 410 million years. But in 1938, a local fisherman caught a live coelacanth off the coast of South Africa. Since then, live coelacanths have been sighted and photographed in the wild. This fish was believed to be able to leave the sea and live on land--the first step in the evolution of fishes into land-dwelling amphibians
This performance is dedicated to the memory of Jacqueline Robinson and L'Atelier de la Danse in Paris


Performers: Ferenc Fehér, Judit Simon Lighting design: Gabi Bánki Music: Ferenc Fehér Visual: Judit Simon, Ferenc Fehér Video: Ferenc Fehér Professional consulting: Sándor Hegedus Choreography Ferenc Fehér





- Duration of the piece.
40 min.


Ferenc Fehér: Orpheus Marathon (On the throne of the electric chair)
(dance and movement theater)
The walled-up fancy keeps on reciting – On the electric chair throne of the moment The face is still there
The nape plunged in a rock Beautiful hand- The pore of your skin is still there. The summer still lasts.
Let down your sceptre, queen.“
/Pilinszky János: Crime and punishment/



idea and dance: Francesca Giglio/Maristella Tanzi
music: Adolfo La Volpe
advisoring and lights: Lisa Masellis
with the sustain of: Manifatture KNOS (Lecce, Italy)
photos: Vertigo/Tina Masellis
short sequence - 20 min

Two girls arrive on the stage wearing black coats and sun glasses. They start playing with the audience as if they were public figures.
Gradually they enter a private space and everything changes: a completely different mood is created and communication stops or seems to become very fragile.
Then the dancers show their private dimension where they can be honest and real, strong and weak at the same time. This happens while they pretend not to care if somebody is looking at. They act, move and dance as if they were alone.
The girls look similar but they move independently and go different directions - they probably represent two aspects of the same subject.
The music of this work is original and it contributes to fragment movements and atmosphere.
Partitura privata can be performed in theatres by using lights to break division between scene and audience but it can also be showed in public places.



Choreographed by: Simone Sandroni
Music: Luigi Ceccarelli, Gaetan van den Berg
Sound: Raffaele Petrucci
Light design: Simone Sandroni, Anže Krec
Costumes: Lavinia Cascone
Duration: 25min

Performed by: EnKnapGroup
                         Gyula Cserepes
                         Luke Dunne
                         Katja Legin
                         Lada Petrovski
                         Ana Štefanec
                         Kaja Janjic as guest

Member of original cast: Tomáš Nepšinsky, Ilkem Ulugün
Technical Manager: Zoran Grabarac
Executive producer: Marjeta Lavric
Production: EN-KNAP
Artistic Director of EnKnapGroup: Iztok Kovac

The piece was made as the second part of the performance „IN BETWEEN“ and is a continuation and supplement to the performance „Earth“ choreographed by Lenka Flory.
It shows a vast and borderless sky. People search for each other to avoid solitude. Finding each other they suspect, seduce, dominate and loose, struggle, envy and fight. They look back to the Earth and think of lost happiness.
“Instead of flying we dug into the cold earth. We continued to fall, believing that the impact with the earth would allow us to penetrate it and understand it.













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