Next edition October - November 2022

The Albania Dance Meeting-Festival is an annual and the only dance festival in Albania. The first edition was held on Aril 2006. Initially, it was a very modest affair. But edition after edition the event gradually grew to become one of the most important international Festival in Albania. It selects innovative and inspirational contemporary dance pieces, and informs as well about the refresh dance tendencies.

The Albania Dance Meeting-Festival is intended to familiarize Albanian audience with various dance companies or independent dancers from abroad who develop contemporary dance techniques and innovative forms of dance expression.
This event is an opportunity for its participants to exchange ideas and experiences of dance, which have been developed worldwide, as well as get acquainted with the development of contemporary dance in Albania and the region. It is a great event not only for dance professionals but also for the arts lovers from the whole country to get acquainted with the progressive and innovative world culture.

The festival is focused on an informal education and work with the audience too. The atmosphere of openness, freedom and fruitful exchanges of views are valued above all by the young people who are the main target group of the festival.
Another important group are the professionals - critics, publicists, directors of festivals, choreographers from Albania and the abroad.

ADM Festival as a platform for cultural exchange within Europe, especially between the East Balkan and the West. For a number of European countries it is often the only possibility to present their dance art in Albania.


Gjergj Prevazi
Artistic director

Tristan Sherifi
Technic director

Akreoma Saliu
Coordinator in Albania

Robert Nuha
Coordinator in Kosovo

Julian Shyti
Stage inspection

Republic of Albania
Ministry of Culture
Supported by:

Durres Municipality