October 06-13 2013

Paul Ibey - Canada

Paul Ibey -CV
W as born in Canada and studied in Europe. His training includes mime and movement with Adam Darius, contemporary dance at The Place and ballet with Lynn Seymour. He also studied with the world renowned Lindsay Kemp. As well, he has studied Butoh dance with Sankai Juku, Dai Rakuda Kan, Natsu Nakajima and Yoshito Ohno.
In the theatre world, he has worked with critically acclaimed UK director Neil Bartlett, and has performed at the Cockpit Theatre, the Roundhouse Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, and the ICA in London.


Whiteness: white of salt
Of light
Where humanity leaves its mark and is lost forever.

White on white: the cosmos and all who inhabit it are one
The mother and the embryo are one
The cycle of generations is the continuation of light
One journey.
One walk.
A ray of light: a moment of rest, a deep breath.
Collapse and rise, timeless between life and death, the priests of an unknown religion.
An incantation to a sleeping god.
Conflict between simplicity of man and dehumanizing industry.
Where is the soul?
Where does this journey begin and end?
One journey.
Using these diverse experiences, he has worked to create a synthesis of movement techniques in order to create emotionally-based, character-driven dance theatre works.
His choreography includes : Querelle (1986), Master and Servant (1988), Treasures of the Night (1993), Aesthetes and Decadents, Ordeal of Roses (1990), Lulu Dances with Wolf(gang), His Monkey Wife and the
solo Gat (1991 ) The Last Veil (1994), Aesthetes and Decadents
(1995), Dans les prondeurs du silence , La Comtesse Sanglante
Séraphita, The Mourning of Queens. La Volupte d'etre,
Egonie/Agonie and Le Martyre. In addition to choreography,
he has taught butoh masterclasses and coached for OMO
Dance Company (Toronto), Debbie
Wilson Studios (Toronto) Richmond Hill Dance (Ontario),
Equity Showcase Theatre (Toronto), Tarragon Theatre Studio
(Toronto), Trafo House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest),
Compagnie Yvette Bozsik (Budapest),
FX Dvadlo Liberic (Czech Republic) and the METU
Contemporary Dance Platform (Ankara, Turkey).

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