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Le Grand Cru/Caucasus Foundation, Georgia. 2002 Venlo Verliefd!! pre-professional dance department Venlo. 2002 Helden op Sokken, choreografie for youththeatre Maccus. 2001 Wie is Arie Veenman, outdoor project Bergschenhoek, in connection with
Rotterdam ‘Cultural Capital’
2000 The Hijack, multimedia performance, Paradiso and Danswerkplaats. 2000/2001 Imagenes, Moviendonos en la Danza, Cuba, Limburg Festival. 2000 Het Oog en de Ander, Le Grand Cru/Cosmic Theatre. 2000 Goudkust in de Bijlmer, NES production. 1999 Soep met een Vork, choreography for puppet theatre. 1999 Antigone, choreography in a theatre play, FACT, Rotterdam. 1999 Beautiful People, Le Grand Cru/Grand Theatre Groningen. 1998 Curse of the black Fish, final direction, Namibia World Expo ’98, Lisboa 1998 Euroblues, Le Grand Cru, Grand Theatre, Frascati, sophiensaele, Berlin. 1997 Status Quo, choreography with all Dance departments of the Theaterschool, Amsterdam. 1996 Covered, Dance concert with popband NERVE, DWA and Paradiso. 1996 Antigone , outreach project Charlois, Rotterdam, with John Leerdam and Artisjok 020. 1996 You’ve got a watch, I’ve got the time, GrandCru/Danserstudio. 1995 Waste Wachers, Growing up in Public. 1995 Dance To the Live Music, project with amateurs. 1995 Echo, Le Grand Cru. 1994 Een Dame of een Tijger, youth dance production, St.Danspasta. 1994 Sympathy for the Devil, Coup d' Amour. 1993 Miles Smiles, Modern Jazz dance Company Djazzex. 1993 Zondag, Coup d'Amour. 1992 Rien, Coup d'Amour. 1991 De Bende van Zes, youth dance production, Studio Al Porto. 1991 La Forteresse, Coup d’Amour. 1990 Bergtaal, Pinter festival Zuidelijk Toneel. 1989 Ophelia, choreography in a theatre play, F’act Rotterdam. 1989 Het Hoofd, niet het Lichaam, Coup d’Amour. 1989 Natieven, Coup d’ Amour. 1989 Krachtproef, solo festival Theatre Kikker. 1987 Geruchten van Regen, Theatre Kikker, Utrecht.
2001/2002 250 Kuub, improv-weekend NES theatres, Le Grand Cru and TAFKAS. 1995 Waste Watchers, Growing up in Public. 1994 Sympathy for the devil, choreography Feri de Geus, Coup d’Amour. 1992 Rien, Coup d'Amour 1990 Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa- (sad song), choreography Wim Kannekens, Coup d'A. 1989 Het hoofd, niet het lichaam, choreography Feri de Geus, Coup d’A.. 1989 Natieven, choreography Feri de Geus, Coup d' Amour
1988 Albatross Aileron, choreography Shusaku Takeuchi, St. Bodytorium 1988 They came to take him away again, choreography Wim Kannekens 1988 Naakt met Viool, choreography Nan Romijn 1987 Erwt, choreography Adéla van der Weide, 1987 Geruchten van Regen, choreography Feri de Geus 1986 Prisma, mimetheatre
Other activities
2002/2003 Stipendium, for preparing intercultural productions
2002 Dance Board member, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst 1996/2001 Promotion choreography BMW, Munich
1995/2002 Dance Board member International Theatre School festival 1994/2000 Dance works on professional and outreach level, Namibia 1993 International Course for Choreographers and Composers, England 1984/1987 Field research dance and rituals in South East Africa
1995/2001 New work and repertory with students from Dance Academy Rotterdam, Modern Theatre Dance Amsterdam, HKA and Dance Academy Arnhem. (Not listed under choreographies). 1994/1996 Workshop with the National Namibian Cultural Troupe (NaNaCut)
1990/2001 Composition and improvisation workshops, Dance Academy Rotterdam.

Workshop by:

Dalija Acin

Le Grand Cru
Goran Bogdanovski

Dalija Acin


Ultimate Illusion 2004. Belgrade Summer Festival, Belgrade Drama Theatre; Sfumato Theatre, Sofia
Glory hole 2003. Belgrade Summer Festival,Belgrade Drama Theatre; Ex Teatar Fest, Pancevo, Serbia and Montenegro
Disclose 2003. National Theatre Novi Sad, Forum For New Dance, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
Echoes of silence 2002. BITEF Festival, Bitef Theater, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 2001.december, Bitef Theater, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Peep Sorrow 2002. Tanztendenzen, Greifswald, Germany; Beofest, Bologna, Italy; Mladi Levi, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Tanz im August, Berlin, Germany; 2001. Dance Cult, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Balkan Dance Platform, Sofia, Bulgaria
Underwater Love 2000. KPGT Theatre, Belgrade and Subotica, Yugoslavia North-West Coast 1999. The Festival of Choreographers Miniatures, National Theater, Yugoslavia
City Animation 1998. V Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Festival, Bytom, Poland
Intimus 1998. Live Act, Maribor, Slovenia; Jackson's Lane Theater, London, UK; 1997. Belgrade Summer Festival, Yugoslavia
Monoview 1997. The Festival of Choreographers Miniatures, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Evening of Contemporary Dance Miniatures, REX Theatre, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Orange 1995. Belgrade Summer Festival, Yugoslavia

Le Grand Cru

During the development of his choreographic oeuvre Feri de Geus continued his connection with his first study cultural anthropology. Together with Dr. C.P. Epskamp they regularly presented workshops and readings at different Universities in the Netherlands.
Together they wrote different articles about African dance and theatre, that were published in several scientific books and magazines.
F. de Geus
Dansen is menselijk: some reflexions on a theory of non-verbal communication by J.L Hanna.
C.P. Epskamp and F. de Geus
Afrikaanse dans op drift
C.P. Epskamp and F. de Geus
Zit mijn dasje goed? De koloniale harmonie klinkt door in afrikaanse dans.
C.P. Epskamp and F. de Geus
The pelvis as shockabsorber: modern and African dance

Date of birth 04-11-56
Place of birth Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Education 1969-1975 St. Norbertuscollege, Atheneum-A. 1975-1982 Cultural Anthropology, University of Leiden. 1980-1985 Modern Dance Department, Theatre School Amsterdam.
Profession Anthropologist / Choreographer
1989 initiator of Coup d’ Amour, collective of choreographers. 1994 initiator and artistic director of dance foundation Le Grand Cru Languages Dutch and English: excellent French, German and Spanish: average Awards 1990 Special Jury Award for Natieven, Internationaal Choreografen Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands. 1994 Choreography Award for his oeuvre till 1993, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Choreographies 2005 El Camino del Agua, coproduction with Escuela de Danza Moderna y Folklórica, Cuba and the Nederlands Jeugd Strijkorkest. 2005 Speurtocht in stropdas, pre-professional dance department Venlo 2004 Double U, Le Grand Cru, Phenduka Dance Theatre, Durban, RSA. 2003 Natieven, restudy with Phenduka Dance theatre, Durban 2003 Supra !,



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