14 - 20 April 2008

"I am from Albania"

By Ema Andrea
Arts Academy of Tirana, Albania


"One way inside"

Kire Miladinoski - Macedonia

....Is a production of Kire Miladinoski dance studio "zodijak"-Cultural centre Marko Cepenkov, Prilep in partnership with "lokomotiva", skopje . "One way inside" speaks of the necessity of investigating the secretive inner strength and the unstoppable inner

spirit-energy that enables each and everyone of us the opportunity to search for self identity.there is only one way in finding the initial impulse in the conspicuous fragments of the body language:running away from the double sidedness of our own selves and disassociation from all the variables and trends."One" means one of a kind.

Lokomotiva - Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture presents
Premiere of Dance performance Ouch Couch

"Ouch Couch" (30 min.) - Macedonia
Choreography : Iskra Sukarova
Composer : Darija Andovska
Concept and visual design: Iskra Sukarova and Darija Andovska
Performers : Iskra Sukarova and Danilo Mandic

A collaboration between two artists choreographer and composer who explore the relation in sound and movement. The inspiration of the work stems from the different conditions created as a result of the relationship between a man, woman and a air filled - plastic couch..

They go through different moods and situations which lead them to a point where there is no turning back. At the end the plastic instant couch says OUCH. Premiered in National gallery: Chifte Amam Old Turkish Bath on 2nd April 2005, Skopje Production: 29th Edition of the Festival of Macedonian Days of Music
Co-production: Lokomotiva - Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture

“Three wise men” Sweden

Peter Lagergren&Conny Jansson

Rytm Ba Company

Peter Lagergren, Conny Jansson and 1 musician Gustaf Hielm.


Peter and Conny Jansson are the directors of Rytm bá.
The performance is about 1 hour long. The name is: TRE VILSE MÄN. Its means three men who are lost. They don t know where they are or where they are going. The title is also very close to "3 wise men" but have nothing
to do with them. Just a funny coincident.

Francesca Selva Company - Italy


Wounded is whoever has been fooled, exploited, abandoned, repudiated Wounded is the truth which has been rejected, discriminated or trodden on. You'll find the wounded under your house, at the station, or under the sun, hiding scars with prayers written on pieces of cardboard. My soul is wounded when confronted by indifference and impotence. Myconscience, merciless accomplice, is wounded Choreography: Francesca Selva
Music: autori vari
Music consultant: Cinzia Cudai, Massimo Biliorsi
Dancer's number: 2
Assistant director: Daniela Maggese
Organisation: Marcello Valassina

“Les Bancs Publics”
Francesca Selva Company - Italy
Benches as witnesses of any waiting, of destines of ordinary foolish. Benches as indulgent prose which are bear of a graffiti, a engraving memory which becomes an absurd memory of passenger loves or existential loneliness. So, first I was at the public garden. The root of the chestnut in the ground, just under my bench.

I didn't remember any more it is a root. The words were vanished, and with those the meaning of the things& ; the root, the cancelling of the garden, the bench, the grass of the garden, it was all vanished& It's all non sense, this garden, this city, myself& .
( J. P. Sartre, “La Nausea” )

“Gameplay” - Serbia


Beograd, Drama Serbia

Gameplay is

a game that we play with ourselves

a game of possibilities and impossibilities

a game for and against our own body

a game of acceptance and non-acceptance

a game in which desire causes vulnerability

a game in which we lose and win at
the same time

“Confi -Dance” - Slovenia

Goran D. Bogdanovski & Dejan Srhoj

Fico Balet Company - Slovenia

Confi-dance is a dance about sharing secrets, about the consolation and the comfort one finds in a dance.

music: Peter Penko, Lara Baruca, John Williams, Billy Idol

dramaturgic advice: Sebastjan Horvat

light/sound/video: Igor Remeta

costume design: Alan Hranitelj

“Can't Hear the Gong”


Gjergj Prevazi
National Theatre Dance Group of Kosova

In this performance, main subjects is the reflection of events of 17-18 March 2004 in Kosova. Also there are included phenomenon, events, of today presence of Balkan people in general like: individual and group relationship, rapes during the war, the idealists in front of the practical style of living and becoming wealthy, longing for the communism, hesitance for the future, anger against injustice, loneliness, etc. All of these are reflected in the scene mainly by the dance, music and sometimes by the words and vocals.

Director& Choreograph Gjergj Prevazi
As/choreograph Fatjon Sulstaroca
Elton Cefa
Director of dance group Ahmet Brahimaj

Solist: Linda Shllaku, Elton Cefa, Fatjon Sulstarova

Group of dancers : Behije Murtezi, Labinot Rexhepi, Sinan Kajtazi, Leonora Rexhepi, Vjollca Lugiqi, Dritan Saqipi, Luljeta Ademi, Drilon Podrimcaku, Bardha Neziri, Jeta Musolli.


Republic of Albania
Ministry of Culture
Supported by:

Durres Municipality